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Legales notice/Terms



BEEBLI is a digital library-type Internet platform which offers users (natural or legal persons), hereinafter the “Users”, dematerialized access to works of religious literature, hereinafter the “Platform”.

This access can be done from a computer on the website “”, hereinafter the “Site”, and through an application from a tablet or a smartphone (IOS and Android), hereinafter the “Application”.

BEEBLI offers Users of the Platform periodic subscriptions allowing unlimited consultation of the writings in the Platform catalog.

The works can be read in streaming or downloaded in order to allow Users to read offline under the conditions specified below.

The BEEBLI service is published by the company ELIE, under the trade name BEEBLI, SARL with a share capital of 7,500 euros, registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Nîmes under the number 852 455 609 with its head office at 238 rue Aramon, Domaine de la Clastre, 30640 BEAUVOISIN, FRANCE, hereinafter “BEEBLI.

Intra-community VAT number: FR 57 852455609

The Director of the Publication of the Site and the Application is Mr. Alexandre COSNARD.

The Site is hosted by: OVH - 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 ROUBAIX - FRANCE

The BEEBLI teams can be contacted by email at the following address: [email protected]


These general conditions of use, hereinafter the "GCU", subject to French law, are intended to govern the conditions of supply of BEEBLI services, hereinafter the "Services", for the benefit of users, hereinafter the "Users".

The Services include the provision of the Application as well as the access and use of the Site.

The GCU constitute all of the contractual terms binding BEEBLI to Users.

Any use of the BEEBLI Services, as well as any access and use of the Site and the Application, requires prior, complete and unreserved acceptance of these GCU.

The User is invited to keep a copy of this document.

BEEBLI reserves the right to modify these GCU at any time, subject to making these modifications known to the User. In the event of any modification, the new GCU will be put into place and will replace the previous ones as soon as they are communicated to the User by any means whatsoever (in particular by email).

If one or more stipulations of these GCU are held to be invalid or declared as such in application of a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations retain their full validity and scope.


There are two modes of access to the Services: through the Application and / or through the Site.

3.1. Download of the Application:

To be able to benefit from the Services via the Application, the User must first download the Application.

The Application is free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple Store application portals. Acceptance of the general conditions of use of these portals is the sole responsibility of the User. BEEBLI cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with the rights and obligations which appear therein. The Application can also be downloaded directly from the Site.

Access to the Platform through the Application requires having a User Account under the conditions specified below, then entering their username (email address) and password.

The Application notably allows the User to access the Platform and to have a management tool for his User Account.

The Application integrates, natively, a digital book reading tool to optimize and configure the display of the terminal for comfortable reading of the works offered. The Application also integrates tools to highlight passages of the works consulted, to annotate these works, to create reading lists.

3.2. Access to the Site:

Access to the Platform through the Site requires having a User Account under the conditions specified below, then selecting the "Connection" tab and entering the username (email address) and password.

Once connected to his User Account, the User has access, through the Site, to the various parameters of his account (user account management, profile management).


4.1. Terms of creation of the User Account:

Access to the Platform, whether via the Application or via the Site, requires the creation of a user account, hereinafter a "User Account".

To do this, the User must complete the account creation form integrated into the Application or available on the Site under the "Connection" tab, then create an account.

Only legal entities and individuals of legal age, able to contract, can create a User Account. The User therefore declares that they have the legal capacity to make a valid commitment under these GCU and acknowledges having the skills and means necessary to access and use the Services through the Application or the Site.

The User Account is strictly personal and reserved to the User for their own use and for non-professional purposes. The User Account cannot be assigned or transferred to a third party in any way whatsoever, for a fee or free. Only profiles authorized by the User have access to it under the conditions below.

When creating a User Account, the User undertakes (i) to provide all the information requested in the free fields identified by an asterisk, (ii) to provide complete, exact and up-to-date information, and (iii) to modify their information in order to keep it complete, accurate and up to date until their User Account is closed.

The User will receive an email confirming the creation and activation of their User Account. They will then have a unique username and a password allowing them to access their User Account. This username and password provide access to both the Application and the Site.

BEEBLI reserves the right to refuse to create a User Account to any person who does not meet the conditions for creating such an account and to suspend or interrupt access to a User Account in the event of violation of the GCU by the User or in the event of a dispute with the User.

The User is solely responsible for the security and confidentiality of their username and password.

All uses of the User Account are presumed to have been made by the User holding the User Account. The User is warned that they are also responsible for any access to and any use of the Application made by them or by any other person using their User Account, in particular by their children or by third parties, whether or not they have authorized such access or use.

The User undertakes to immediately inform BEEBLI in the event of loss, theft, forgetting, or in the event of suspicion of loss or theft, of their username or password. They also undertake to inform BEEBLI of any unauthorized use, by a third party, of their User Account.

The User Account allows the User to access the following information:

  • A history of banking transactions between the User and BEEBLI,
  • A history of works consulted, partially or fully,
  • Reading statistics,
  • A space allowing the User to have access to their highlighting, annotations, playlists,
  • A space for managing the User Account, in particular when several profiles are associated with the same User Account (creation, modification, deletion of a profile),
  • A space for managing the subscription to the Services.

All the data recorded in the User Account constitutes proof of all the transactions made by BEEBLI and the User.

4.2. Profile management:

A User Account can contain up to five individual profiles, which will be the persons effectively authorized by the User to use the Services, regardless of the subscription plan taken out by the User.

Profiles can be created when creating the User Account. They can also be created, modified or deleted at will by the User during the entire validity period of the User Account, knowing that each User Account must, in all cases, contain at least one profile.

Each profile can benefit from the Services under the same conditions as the User. Each profile can thus have its own personalized library, according to its reading tastes.

Finally, it is specified that the deletion of a profile results in the immediate deletion of all data linked to this profile.


5.1. Subscription packages:

The Platform offers a package with the following three subscription options:

  • A trial offer: limited to seven days, this offer allows the User to have access, free of charge, one screen at a time, to all the works available on the Platform and functionalities of the Application and the Site.

    At the end of this seven-day period, the User Account remains active as described below. However, the User can no longer consult works.

    Furthermore, at the end of this seven-day period, a notification will be displayed when logging in to the User Account to offer the User the option of choosing a subscription package in order to continue to access the Platform.

  • A "Beemium" package: lasting one month, without obligation, this offer allows the User unlimited access, during the subscription period, to works available on the Platform.

    The “Beemium” package is available in three prices:

    • Price for use on one screen;
    • Price for use of up to two (2) screens simultaneously;
    • Price for use of up to four (4) screens simultaneously.

At the end of the subscription, it is tacitly renewed automatically for successive periods of one month. The User can terminate, suspend or modify their "Beemium" subscription at any time during the current subscription month and according to the terms described below.

In all cases, it is recalled that the subscription formulas offered by BEEBLI are subject to the provisions of Law No. 2011-599 of May 26, 2011 on the price of digital books and to its implementing decrees. These texts impose a framework for the prices applied to digital books in order to respect the principle of setting a single price by publishers established in France. As such, the subscription price is calculated based on an estimate of the actual consumption of works made available on the Platform and the prices set in advance by the publishers and brought to the attention of Users in the presentation pages of the books. The sum of the subscriptions paid by the Users for access to the works will be pooled and transferred to a common account. The price for each individual consultation is deducted from this common account on a monthly basis, within the limits of available credits.
The User acknowledges being informed that the number of pages that can be read by them is unlimited, subject to the availability of credits on the common account. If the number of credits on the common account is consumed, access to new pages for all Users will be suspended, while the number of credits available on the common account allows the consumption of new pages by Users.

5.2. Prices:

Subscriptions to the Service are billed on the basis of the rates in place on the day of subscription. These prices can be viewed on the Site or on the Application.

The User is warned that the prices are liable to change during the subscription period, in particular for reasons relating to compliance with the provisions of Law No. 2011-590 of May 26, 2011 relating to the price of digital books. In the event of a rate change, the new rate will be brought to the attention of the User and will be automatically applied during the next monthly debit.
All prices appearing on the Site and on the Application include all taxes. The currency is chosen by the User at the time of subscription.

Any started month of subscription is due, it does not matter if the User does not use the Services effectively and it does not matter whether they modify or suspend their subscription, the modification or suspension can only take place after the current monthly period.


6.1. Terms of subscription:

Once their User Account has been created, in order to take out a subscription, the User must follow the following procedure:

  • The User must log into their User Account, then after seven days of the trial offer, in the "Subscription" tab, choose the subscription plan to which they wish to subscribe.
  • The User can, at any time, modify the chosen subscription plan by clicking on another proposed subscription plan.
  • Once the subscription plan has been selected, the User can validate their order by clicking on "Subscribe".
  • To validate their subscription, the User must finally read and accept these GCU by checking the box provided for this purpose.

In accordance with the provisions of article 1127-2 of the Civil Code, the User has the possibility, until the final validation and effective payment of the order, to revisit it, modify it, cancel it or complete.

After validation of their subscription:

  • If the subscription is free: the User then immediately becomes a user of the Services.
  • If the subscription is payable, the User is then redirected to the payment page, being reminded that, in this case, the validation of the order requires payment.

6.2. Payment:

In the event of a paid subscription, on the payment page, a summary appears indicating: the name of the subscription, its duration, the number of simultaneous screens, the price of the selected subscription, the date of subscription, the total cost of the subscription.

The User can then proceed to payment for their order, by direct debit or through PayPal. For this purpose, the User must enter their bank details, authorize automatic debits by BEEBLI under these GCU and confirm the billing information.

The User undertakes as such that all the banking information they enter is free from any error or omission and also undertakes to keep them up to date as long as their User Account is open. Otherwise, they run the risk of no longer being able to use the Services.

The banking information is communicated in encrypted mode (SSL protocol) to a payment provider (Clic & Pay Platform) which consults the banking servers in order to avoid abuse and fraud and gives BEEBLI the payment authorization.

When validating the subscription to the first subscription, the User is immediately debited from the sum corresponding to one month of subscription.

As soon as this first payment has been made, a subscription confirmation email is sent to the email address provided by the User.

In the event that the direct debit is rejected, BEEBLI reserves the right to request payment of the amount due by any other means of payment, and to invoice the User for the costs incurred to obtain payment for the Services. BEEBLI also reserves the right to block all or part of the functions of the User Account and to suspend access to the Services pending full payment of the sums due to it.

The User will then be debited monthly, automatically, on the anniversary date of the subscription or the following day when the anniversary date of the subscription does not exist (e.g., February 29).

A detailed history of the operations carried out by the User, indicating the price paid and the duration of the subscription, is available through the "My payments" tab of the User Account.


Whatever the subscription plan chosen by the User, they can, if they wish and if they have not already benefited from this advantage, benefit from a free trial period of seven calendar days.

To be able to subscribe to this plan, the User does not need to create a User Account. They simply have to register, either on the Application or on the Site, by entering "an email and a password" in the "Try Now" section.

During this period, the User benefits from the Services linked to the corresponding formula. Beyond the seven days, they receive an email notifying them of the end of this trial period. The User can then subscribe under the conditions of Article 6 above by providing their name and country.


The User who wishes to immediately consult the works offered on the Platform expressly waives their right of withdrawal, in accordance with the provisions of Article L.221-28, 1 ° of the Consumer Code.

Indeed, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the provision of services fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose performance has begun after the express prior consent of the consumer and express waiver of their right of withdrawal.


9.1. Terms of use of the Services:

The User agrees to use the Services, the Application and the Site in accordance with the regulations in force and these GCU.

In particular, the User agrees not to circumvent or attempt to circumvent the technical protection or encryption measures put in place by BEEBLI and the publishers in order to make unauthorized copies of the works on the Platform.

In addition, the User guarantees and undertakes not to:

  • Intentionally or unintentionally, adopting a behavior or encouraging a behavior prohibited by applicable laws or regulations or liable to engage civil or criminal liability;
  • Intentionally or unintentionally, adopting a behavior or encouraging a behavior that would harm or negatively reflect BEEBLI, works or publishers;
  • Intentionally or unintentionally, modify, alter or interfere with the Site and the Application and their functionalities, or alter or harm their use by any other User;
  • Use automated systems related to the Site and the Application such as bots;
  • Impersonate another person or entity;
  • Sublet or resell access to works.

In the event of non-compliance by the User with the preceding stipulations, which constitute an essential condition hereof, BEEBLI reserves the right to immediately close their User Account.

9.2. Catalog of works:

The works that the User can access through the Services are the works listed in the Platform catalog. These works are published by publishers with whom BEEBLI has concluded a partnership agreement. The integration of works into the Platform gives rise to the payment of copyright remuneration for the benefit of the publishers who hold the rights to these works.

The works are presented on the Platform according to the sorting criteria selected by the User (reading taste, favorites, playlists). Certain works may also be highlighted according to the User's past consultations or at the initiative of BEEBLI (e.g.: satisfaction rate, frequency of consultation, novelty, reading taste).

The User is warned that the catalog of works accessible on the Platform may evolve over time, depending in particular on the agreements concluded between BEEBLI and the publishers.

The User therefore accepts that certain works are automatically withdrawn from the Platform and from their User Account, in particular when the publishing rights granted by a publisher to BEEBLI expire. The User also accepts that the Platform does not present an exhaustive nature of works of religious literature, and that not all of the works printed in this area are accessible.

Each work is accompanied by bibliographic information as well, when the website of the publisher of the work allows it, with a hypertext link to redirect the User to the publisher's digital catalog. The bibliographic information made available to the User contains in particular the name of the author, the name of the publisher, the number of pages of the work, its date of publication, the public rental price of the work, the format and the language of the work. This information may be updated by BEEBLI or the publishers.

9.3. Terms of consultation of works:

The User can consult, in streaming, without limitation, the works appearing in the Platform library by using the Internet network or the mobile network.

The User can also download works, but only through the Application and within the limit of 10 works simultaneously per profile, in order to be able to consult them offline from the Internet or mobile network.

Thus, once a work has been selected by a User regularly registered on the Platform, it can be downloaded for the purpose of being accessible, offline, on the User's mobile terminals on which it has been downloaded. This work will remain accessible to the User subject to the validity of the subscription, the maintenance in force of the subscription and the presence of the work in the catalog on the day of the consultation.

The Application restricts and prevents the downloading of works outside the Application as well as any action of transfer, copying or, more generally, reproduction of all or part of the works outside the Application, even by printing.


10.1. Modification of the subscription:

The User can modify its subscription at any time.

To do so, they must log into their User Account and go to the "My subscription" tab. The current subscription is displayed. They can then modify this subscription by clicking on "Change offer".

The User can choose the new subscription package to which they wish to subscribe. The subscription procedure is identical to that applicable for the first subscription.

If the subscription is changed, the automatic debit date remains the same. It is, however, specified that:

  • If a lower offer is selected (reduction in the number of simultaneous screens), the modification of the subscription will take effect at the end of the subscription month during which the modification request is made. The User therefore benefits from their current subscription until its monthly term. The automatically charged price will also be updated at the end of the current subscription month.
  • If a more advantageous offer is selected (increase in the number of screens simultaneously), the modification of the subscription takes effect immediately. The User can thus benefit from the increase in the number of screens simultaneously upon validation of their subscription.

However, the automatically charged price will not be updated until the end of the month of the current subscription.

The User can only change their subscription once per one-month period.

10.2. Suspension of the subscription:

The User can, at any time, request the suspension of their subscription from their User Account.

To do so, the User must connect to their User Account and go to the "My subscription" tab. The current subscription is displayed. They can then suspend this subscription by clicking on “Suspend”.

The suspension of the subscription and direct debits is effective at the end of the current subscription month.

The User can therefore continue to benefit from the Services until the end of their current subscription month. At the end of this month, the User Account remains active but the User will no longer be able to view works except if they reactivate this subscription.

If the reactivation of the subscription occurs before the effective date of the suspension, i.e. before the end of the current subscription month during which the suspension request was made, the subscription resumes and withdrawals continue, at the same dates as previously.

If the reactivation of the subscription occurs after, it will be considered as a new subscription. The User will therefore be debited immediately for the first month and then each month on the anniversary date of the reactivation of the subscription.


The User has the possibility to terminate their subscription at any time via their User Account. The subscription will end at the end of the current monthly period.

At the end of their subscription, the User retains the right to access their User Account, for a period of one (1) year.

During this one-year period, the User may continue to access certain features of the Site and the Application, and especially the following features:

  • Consultation of bibliographic information, as well as the front and back cover;
  • Access to annotations and highlighting made by the User;
  • A history of works read, currently being read, or placed in the reading list;

At the end of this one-year period and in the event of non-subscription to a new subscription during this period, the personal data necessary for the creation and management of the account, the associated reading data and provided by the User, such as annotations, highlighting, reading lists will be deleted.

The User is therefore advised to retrieve personal information, as well as their annotations, highlighting, and reading lists as soon as their subscription ends. This recovery can be done through the "Download my data" tab, accessible through the User Account. The use of this function makes it possible to download the data provided by the User in their User Account in a "JSON" format.

In any case, BEEBLI cannot be held responsible for the deletion of this information and data when the User Account is closed.

At the end of the subscription and in the event that it is not renewed, the works on the Platform can no longer be viewed by the User. Works being viewed as well as works downloaded within the Application for offline viewing also become inaccessible.


The Services offered by BEEBLI are exclusively accessible online or through a connection to the telephone network such as 4G.

BEEBLI undertakes to provide its best efforts so that the Services offered are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of maintenance operations. As such, BEEBLI is only bound by an obligation of means.

BEEBLI does not bear any obligation to ensure the updates of the Application or the adaptation of the Site in order to ensure compatibility with a terminal or with a specific terminal operating system.

BEEBLI also reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to all or part of the Application, the Site or the Services, in particular for maintenance reasons, without prior notification and without this being likely to give rise to any compensation for the benefit of the User.

Finally, it is recalled that the consultation of works on the Platform can only be done insofar as the publishers have transferred to BEEBLI the digital exploitation rights allowing the acts of consultation and that they allow Users to access and to consult the works. BEEBLI cannot therefore be held responsible in the event of the deletion of certain works from the catalog offered on the Platform and the impossibility for the User to access a work.


13.1. All the components of the Application, the Site and the Platform (in particular the source codes) or their content (in particular the texts, animations, interactive features, photographs, images, logos, brands, etc.) are protected by intellectual property rights, exclusive property of BEEBLI or of third parties with which BEEBLI has concluded an operating license.

The User is prohibited from infringing in any way the intellectual property rights mentioned above, directly or indirectly.

Consequently, the User refrains from any type of use not explicitly provided for by law for their benefit or not expressly authorized by these GCU, and in particular:

  • To use the content of the Platform outside the conditions provided for herein, and in particular for commercial purposes;
  • To create, maintain or provide unauthorized connections to the Platform, through the Application or the Site;
  • To reproduce or copy, permanently or temporarily, the Application or the Site, in whole or in part, by any means and in any form;
  • To capture, disseminate, archive, publish, distribute, market, rent, license, transfer or otherwise make available to a third party, by any means whatsoever, including via the Internet network , for payment or free of charge, all or part of the Application, the Site or the Platform;
  • To adapt, modify, transform or arrange the Application, the Site, the Platform or their content, even partially, in particular with a view to creating derivative works, software or derivative or new functionalities, of any nature whatsoever;
  • To reverse engineer, derive, disassemble or decompile the Application, or translate it into other languages and, in general, to reconstruct, reproduce or transpose its functionalities;
  • To alter, modify, move or replace the brands, trade names, logos, copyright and any distinctive element of BEEBLI or of its Partners such as they are or will have been affixed to the Application, the Site or the Platform, their content and each of the elements composing them.

Subject to the application of a specific legal provision, any use of an element protected by an intellectual property right must be subject to prior written authorization from BEEBLI.

In the event of non-compliance by the User with the preceding stipulations, which constitute an essential condition hereof, BEEBLI reserves the right to immediately close their User Account.

13.2. BEEBLI is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights relating to the name, brand and logo of the Application, the Site and the Platform. The use of the name, brand or logo belonging to BEEBLI, in a promotional or advertising context, requires obtaining the prior written consent of the latter.

13.3. The works made available to the User on the Platform, when they have not fallen into the public domain, are protected by intellectual property rights for the benefit of their authors and / or publishers.

The User is warned that the Services only allow them to consult and download works under the conditions of these GCU and do not make them acquire any intellectual property rights over the works made available to them. Any reproduction, representation or modification of works, in whole or in part, whatever the means used, exposes the User to infringement proceedings, liable to civil penalties, but also criminal penalties.

The User is also warned that the works accessible on the Platform are protected by technical protection measures implemented by BEEBLI or by the publishers in order to prevent and prohibit uses not authorized by these GCU. Knowingly infringing a technical protection measure, or providing or proposing means of infringing exposes them to prosecution (Articles L. 335-4-1 of the Intellectual Property Code).


As part of their use of the Site, the Application and the purchase of a subscription with BEEBLI and, in general, their exchanges with BEEBLI, the User is required to communicate a certain amount of personal data.

In accordance with the provisions of European Regulation n ° 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 known as the "General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR", and of the amended Data Protection Act (in particular by law n ° 2018-493, known as "LIL 3", of June 20, 2018 and its implementing decree as well as the rewriting order n ° 2018-1225 of December 12, 2018), the User can take note of the conditions of collection and processing of their personal data by consulting BEEBLI's privacy policy and in particular the rights it has regarding the processing of its personal data


15.1. Responsibility of the User:

The User is solely responsible for their use of the Site, the installation of the Application on a terminal and their use of the Platform.

15.2. Responsibility of BEEBLI:

BEEBLI can in no way be held responsible for the use made by the User of the Site, the Application or the Platform, nor for damage caused to any terminal used to access the Services.

In particular, BEEBLI cannot be held liable in the event of use of the Application, Site or Services that does not comply with these GCU or with the regulations in place. In all cases, BEEBLI can only be held liable in the event of proven fault. In general, BEEBLI cannot be held liable for damage that does not result directly from a failure on its part in the performance of its obligations.

In particular, BEEBLI will not be liable for any breach of its obligations in the event of loss or deterioration of all or part of the User's data or terminal following use of the Application or the Site.

In any case, in the event of total or partial non-performance by BEEBLI of its obligations, its liability will be limited to the resulting direct damage for the User, within the limit of the amount of the fixed price of the subscription taken out and actually paid, excluding any indirect damage.

Finally, BEEBLI's liability is totally excluded in the case of an event qualifying as force majeure within the meaning of article 1218 of the Civil Code, and covering in particular the following facts: flood, strike, epidemic, power failure, failure of Internet or mobile phone network, regulations or public authority requirements and, in general, any inevitable and unforeseeable event beyond the control of BEEBLI within the meaning of the law and case law.


Access to the Services is provided for the duration chosen by the User, from the opening of their User Account to its closure.

Closing the User Account is possible at any time at the initiative of the User through the "My subscription" tab accessible via the User Account. The User is informed that uninstalling the Application or closing the Internet browser does not automatically terminate the User Account.

The User will receive an email confirming the closure of their User Account.

The closure of the User Account can also be carried out at the initiative of BEEBLI, in particular in the event of failure by the User to comply with the provisions of these GCU. In this case, it will be notified by email to the User. The closure will then be effective within seven (7) days of sending this notification to the User.

If the User does not subscribe to a subscription for a period of one year, the User Account will be automatically closed.

Closing the User Account constitutes termination of the contract binding the User to BEEBLI.


The GCU as well as all disputes relating to their validity, interpretation, execution or consequences are subject to French law.

For any information, question or complaint, BEEBLI customer service can be contacted at the following coordinates:

  • By mail to the address: 238 Rue Aramon - 30640 BEAUVOISIN - FRANCE
  • By email: [email protected]

In addition, in accordance with the provisions of Article L.612-1 of the Consumer Code, the User having the status of consumer, he has the right to resort free of charge to a consumer mediator for the amicable resolution of a possible dispute between them and BEEBLI. The User will be able to access the names, contact details and websites of the mediators referenced through the site

Under the same conditions, the User can go to the European platform for the settlement of disputes concerning the purchase of goods or services online to establish a request for mediation ( /consumers/odr).