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Who are we?

Beebli is committed to make you discover or rediscover Christian reading, through a practical and interactive tool. Unlimited reading, whenever and wherever you want, means making the Word of God accessible to as many people as possible: and that is the goal of Beebli.

Discover an unlimited library of thousands of books by Christian authors: there is something for everyone. Lovers of testimonies, Bible studies, meditations or even personal development, you will find your happiness in our catalog. Do you prefer novels and comics? We have this in stock for you!

Your children and grandchildren can discover the Word of God step by step, in a fun way, thanks to a dedicated library, from early childhood to adolescence.

Beebli wants to mix business with pleasure: choose your book, add it to your favorites, annotate and save passages that have touched you, share a book with your loved ones or your ministry. Many features that will allow you to enrich yourself everyday with the Word of God: at home, in transports, on the plane or even on vacation, the offline mode frees you from all material constraints.

Our vision

We want to make the Word of God accessible everywhere and for everyone! Essential for building our faith and even more for its discovering, the Word of God comes first and foremost from the scriptures: everyone should access it, without exception.

The paper book is expensive for some consumers and difficult to access logistically in certain geographic areas. We wish to overcome these constraints.

At Beebli, we often draw the parallel between digital reading and the microwave: when it was invented, it was for sure the end of the oven. Most of us have an oven AND a microwave in the kitchen nowadays. Simply because it is not the same use. The same goes for reading: digital technology complements the paper book, to offer you additional reading possibilities. Dematerialized reading has become essential in a world where technology is omnipresent.

Beebli uses digital technology to give you unlimited access to thousands of Christian books for the price of a pocket book, so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

Beebli also supports the market, publishers and authors, by offering even more visibility to their works.

Making the Word of God accessible without limits is our vision!