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Beebli for authors - Join our catalog

Beebli aims to spread the Word of God to as many people as possible

You are an author and you don't have a publisher? Contact us at [email protected].

Our team will be happy to read your books and determine if they can be integrated into the Beebli platform.

Distribute and spread your works all over the world

Beebli offers you the possibility of making your books available everywhere in the world and for everyone, without exception! Overcome barriers, whether financial, logistical or even geographic.

A promotion and sales channel without costs

At last, benefit from direct and automatic remuneration based on the actual consumption of your work. Beebli pays you from the first page read, even if the user only reads an extract! Create an income with each reading, recommendation, sharing or re-reading of a book.

Without realizing it, obtain more readers and increase your income with the unlimited subscription, without additional cost and without constraint.

Reach new readers

Introduce your books to new readers thanks to personalized proposals based on their reading taste.

Personalized tools

Beebli wants to mix business with pleasure by offering readers the opportunity to enjoy your books to their full potential: annotate, save passages that have touched them, share a book with their loved ones or their ministry. Many features that will allow them to enrich themselves daily: at home, in transports or on vacation, with an offline mode allowing them to take your books everywhere.

How does it work?

Manage your catalog directly from your personal space in complete security. Load the ebooks you want to integrate into the platform, consult your statistics, your royalties or your personal data.

Contact your publisher or, if you don't have one, contact us: [email protected]